Air Purifier Spy Camera

I am definitely happy with the product. However, customer service is invaluable and SCS gives outstanding customer service. Based on my favorable experience I highly recommend SCS Enterprise. A product is only as good as its customer service, therefore I rate SCS as excellent.

I ordered the mini air purifier camera with the 8GB upgrade. I reequested 2 nd day air and received my camera promptly. This device was exactly what was pictured on the web site and the video that it produced was excellant for our puroses. The camera was easy to set up right out of the box. Within 5 minutes of unpacking the camera I had it set up and had tested it in both lighted and low light areas. It performed as advertised. If you have a need for a covert monitoring device this will fit into almost any office or home environment.

I am very pleased with the product. Picture quality is excellent, and it is very easy to use. Sound quality is great as well. The unit is absolutely undetectable, no one has questioned it being anything other than an air purifier. I am completely satisfied with the item.

I bought the covert air-purifier with audio to keep a check on our baby while we left her home with the nanny. I must say both audio and video quality is beyond anything you can purchase currently in the market. The resolution was very high and image quality was just fantastic. Setting up the camera took less than 20 mins and we were all wired. I think this camera is worth the price.