Car Camera Video Security Systems

Many police agencies have been using car camera video security systems for a while now.  Not only do these systems accurately record driving violations and other crimes but, they also protect officers when they need to make traffic stops as they record exactly what is happening at every given moment. At this time there is no one  camera can cover 360 degrees which means that you will need to mount multiple cameras to see every part of your vehicle.

Taxi cab drivers have also used car camera video security systems to protect themselves from being robbed and cheated by fares as well as proof for their employers that they were on the job. When a taxi picks up a passenger he has no way of really knowing if his fare is an upright citizen or someone who is looking to make a fast buck by robbing a lone cabbie.  Car video cameras make would be cab robbers think twice about risking getting caught on tape and the event that the cabbie is robbed can provide police with vital information to catch the robber.

Now more and more regular citizens are taking the lead from the men in blue and cab driver’s and having car camera video security systems placed in their cars to help protect themselves.


Preventing Car Theft
One way people are using car camera video security systems is to help prevent their car from being stolen. Many of these systems not only record movement around your car when it is parked but, also has a silent alarm that can warn you that someone is tampering with or near your vehicle. This allows you to check on your car and alert the proper authorities to what is going on.

With the current economy, more and more people who own expensive or difficult to replace cars are turning to car video security systems as an extra line of protection against theft.  With some of these car camera video security systems having GPS systems integrated as part of the security if your car is stolen it can be easily tracked and hopefully recovered before any real damage is done.


Proof of Who Is At Fault in An Accident
No matter how careful a driver you may be accidents do happen and often times, these accidents occur when there are no witnesses around so deciding fault often comes down to the case of he said/ she said.  But, with a video car camera security system you can capture the entire thing on an SD card and offer proof to your insurance company or even the police that you were not at fault which will let you keep your safe driving record intact.

car video recorderA side benefit of having a car video surveillance system is that in many cases having such a system installed may actually lower your insurance rates.  With many insurance companies giving safe driver and theft protection discounts the addition of one of these cameras could result in you paying as much as 20% less for that car insurance.

While not everyone needs or wants a car camera video security system for those who have expensive cars or live in areas where car thefts are prevalent these systems can add a layer of security and peace of mind to car owners.